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Join Our Community Directory and connect to cat parents. We want to spotlight other cat professionals in the New England area  that share our love of cat care, sitting, grooming and videos with true cat lovers. 

Become Purr View Verified - Our Free Workshop For Professionals will share what cat parents really want. You'll learn the 7 Pillars of the Purr View and tips for success in your services and branding. If you believe your company has the Purr View you can then apply to be Purr View verified and be listed in our Directory. 

  • Learn the 7 Pillars of the Purr View and how it can grow your buisness. This free program is the first step for positioning your passion for cats and for bringing peace of mind to cat parents.
  • You will learn the benefits of the 7 Pillars and how they can help you brand your business, focus on cats, fullfill cat parents expectations and more.
  • Once you complete the program, you can apply to be Purr View verified and be listed in our directory in the cat community. 

This program is free to register for and to apply for. If you would like to go further and utilize marketing or sponsorship opportunities, or to take next steps and join our business mentorship program - those would be additional charges. 

What Does Purr View Verified Mean?


These are individuals with a cat care business that APPLIED to be listed, and has stated they have insurance or other documentation that they are professional. These businesses and organizations can share: their logo, business links, purrks, and be interviewed in the community.  They align with the 7 Pillars of the Purr View. They will be listed as Purr View Verified 

My Purr-spective 

My purr-spective has developed over twenty-seven years of working as a professional cat sitter, cat bed & breakfast manager, a cat groomer in Kingston Massachusetts. The 7 Pillars of the Purr View will be covered in our Quick Start Guide:

  • Dedicated to being a Professional Business with Insurance
  • Passionate about cats and educated on their care
  • Providing Comfort to cats by using techniques, tools and gentle handling
  • Committed to Bonding with cats when possible 
  • Attention to Detail for higher quality service
  • Listen to cat parents needs and instructions
  • Communicating Clearly, kindly and regularly with owners
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