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  • Do you have a professional business with insurance, and are a member of any membership groups in your trade? 

  • Do you provide comfort to cats in your care or offer products that provide comfort 

  • Are you passionate about cats and educated on their care, behavior or products?

  • Are you committed to Bonding with cats -When Possible? 

  • Do you provide attention to Details for a higher Quality of Services?  

  • Do you listen to cat parents needs and expectations?

  • Do you provide communications clearly, kindly and regularly to cat parents?

If you answered yes to most of these questions then you have the Purr View and we would love to have you apply for the directory. 

The Purr View Method

The Purr View a method for taking your cat business to a higher level, it combines comfort and care of cats, with attention to detail and services that bring peace of mind to cat parents. 

We believe that by focusing your business in this way will bring you more success, better clients  and lifetime clients. There are many businesses with the Purr View but they aren't marketing themselves to true cat parents and they don't know how to deliver a full service pre-visit, during a visit, and following up after a visit. 

You an replace the word visit with whatever your service is. The point is that "The Service" is not just the experience cat parents have during the services provided -its the whole experience they have your business. We go into more detail in our programs. 

Here's an overview of the Purr View. 

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Take The Free Quiz

Find out more about the Purr View Method and take our free quiz online for free. 

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