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I know that may seem hard to hear, but its true...and its a good thing. My job is to distract your cats and keep them content and happy when you can't be home with them.

I know how difficult it is to be away from your cats because I am a cat parent to. We have four chatty, feisty, sensitive and incredibly cuddly felines and when we go away overnight, we....Worry! 

That's why when you pick someone to care for your cats, you need to make sure the cats will be content and happy, and you will also!

Visit updates and pictures are a must when you’re away and you should not have to ask repeatedly for them - they should be expected. Your cat sitter partners with you to provide great care for the cats and customer services for you!

It's especially important that your cats are loved, petted and snuggled if they want it; talked to and pampered so they don’t get lonely; that they're fed and observed eating correctly and that their litter box is scooped, checked and cleaned daily. If possible, you'll want someone who has a discerning eye for cat care and changes in their behavior and health.

On top of that - you need someone who is detailed, mindful, trustworthy, honors your home and belongings - and keeps everything secure when they leave. You also need to have someone insured, educated and experienced - and runs their business professionally. 

For those clients that would like VIP services, we can customize cat care and home tasks to meet your needs and we have over 25 years worth of references we are happy to share with you. 

That's me in a nutshell. I pride myself on caring for my clients cat's and their homes with a detailed eye and I love what I do.

Do you have a senior or special needs cat that
needs gentle care on a daily basis?

Do you have cats that have a special diet,
supplements mixed in or medication given?

Do you have a cat that gets very lonely if left
alone for too long?

Do you have a multi-cat household (2, 3, 4 or more cats) that needs a lot of detailed
care, cleaning and home tasks to keep everything on track?

Are you looking to leave your cats in the comfort of home,
so you all have peace of mind?

Would it make you happy to know your cats have
Snuggle, Play Time or Interaction Everyday?

Would you like text, picture and
video updates on every visit so you can stay connected to your cats?

Do you have lots of mail, packages
or dry cleaning deliveries that need to be taken in daily?

Then my service would be a good fit for you!

My Purr-spective on Senior Cat CareIve been taking care of cats in a variety of health conditions since 1997. My first degree is in Animal Care and I base all my attention with all the services I offer with that foundation. 

Senior cats can be complicated to manage their health issues, but in my experience and professional opinion senior and special needs cats can benefit from palliative care and be kept comfortable.

Making the decision to keep your cat alive but to deny medical care, or comfort techniques such as fluids, and pain medications is considered neglect and in some cases animal cruelty and I don't feel comfortable doing cat sitting and being told I can't provide care.

Sitting Service Types and Rates

1/2024  We have new rates this year. Current clients have been grandfathered into their rates.

One Healthy Cat 

This rate includes care for one cat that is healthy and has no medical needs or medication. This visit is approximately 30 minutes.

Multi-Cat Households

This rate includes care of up to 3 cats in a multi-cat household with no medical care or medicine. If the need arrises for home care or medicine it can be added on as needed for additional price. This visit is approximately 30-45 minutes. 

VIP Senior and Medical Care

This rate includes care for senior cats needs, administering medication, household chores for that care. Add-on grooming services would be additional as needed. This visit is approximately 40-60 minutes.

Holiday Rates

We add $5 a day to Thanksgiving, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day. It will be reflected in the invoice as an add on. $5

Administer Medication

When your cat needs daily medication to maintain health, we can give pills, transdermal medication, oral medication, pills in treats/pill pockets, insulin, ear medications and subQ fluids.Starting at $3.00 a visit.

Distance Fee

Are you located outside my area, and it take a little longer to commute to your house? If so and I am still able to schedule the visits I simply add a small fee so I can cover my time and extra gas. $5 once per invoice

area of service

Watering Garden/Patio

water plants or garden

Are you a green thumb, and have lots of plants, garden beds, flower pots, window boxes that will need to be watered while you are away? We can turn on a water sprinkler or hand water for you, as long as we schedule it in and add time to the visit we can add this to any visit and or do every other day. 

Litter Box Cleaning

litter box cleaning

When your kitty needs to have a new clean litter box, just let me know and I can do a Complete Litter Box Change and Cleaning with soap and water or products of your choice. We use what you would like and have at your home. In addition, you can let me know where you would like me to clean it, wether its a laundry sink or a tub etc. You would need to have the cleaning products and the new litter, but we will handle the messy stuff.

Light Housekeeping

Light Housekeeping

Vacuuming, mopping, cleaning dishes in the sink, folding laundry. If you have a Dyson Animal we can zoom that around the house and pick up cat hair and litter and keep things tidy.

cat grooming banner wide and thin

Nail Trims

nail trim service

Do you hear someone clicking around on the floor, or getting stuck on blankets and furniture. I can do a nail trim while cat sitting and save you a trip to the vet.

$12.00 per cat

Ear Cleaning 

ear cleaning

Is kitty shaking their head a lot? Scratching an itchy ear, or just is prone to waxy build up every so often? A simple earl cleaning and do wonders in alleviating that discomfort.



brushing cats

Long and short hair cats needs brushing to stimulate natural oils in the skin that help with conditioning the coat, and can help remove excess undercoat and small floater matts.

Starting at $4

Eye Cleaning

eye cleaning service

When your cat has special type of eyes that leak watery discharge, has goopy eyes, or has tear staining - a good eye cleaning can be so refreshing for your cat. 


Chin Cleaning

chin cleaning

Some kittys have chin acne or little bumps on their chin. We can do either a gentle shampoo and rise under the chin or use your own chin acne wipes or medications from the vet and then do a good rinse. This helps open the skin to breathe and provide a good disinfecting of any bacteria on the skin. $5

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