Happy. Content. Cats.

"Your Cats Won't Even Miss You When You're Away"

I've been a professional cat sitter & groomer in Kingston Massachusetts and my purr-view has developed over twenty-seven years of working with healthy, senior and special needs cats.

I produce videos and classes on cat care and the feline lifestyle for cat parents and professionals. 

I have a passion for the the cat care industry and it's my mission to help others start new businesses and get into the industry. 

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The Cat Community

The Purr View Cat Community brings together true cat parents and Enthusiasts, so that we can learn about in-home cat comfort and care services, tips & solutions, be entertained by fun feline lifestyle stories, purr-use feline focused art and crafts and connect to vital resources in our directory. Stay connected, chat, ask questions, share cat pictures, and watch videos. 

Start Your Own Cat Sitting Business Today

The cat care industry is in need of cat sitters. True cat parents are looking for professional adults who love cats and enjoy providing excellent customer service - This could be for you! Find out what being a professional cat sitter is all about and start your new business today!

Become Purr View Verified - Our Free Workshop For Professionals

Does Your Business Have The Purr View?  Take our free quiz and learn about our program. Become Purr View Verified - Our Free Workshop For Professionals shares what cat parents really want. You'll learn the 7 Pillars of the Purr View and tips for success in your services and branding. If you believe your company has the Purr View you can then apply to be Purr View verified and be listed in our Directory.

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