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The Purr-View is a method I developed over twenty-seven years of working with healthy, senior and special needs felines as a cat sitter, groomer and cat boarding manager that brings comfort to cats and peace of mind to cat parents. 

I bring together True Cat Parents and Professionals, so that we can learn about in-home cat care servicescomfort and bonding techniques, fun feline lifestyle stories, tips & solutions and I help cat business owners attract, serve and keep true cat parents as lifelong customers. 

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Purrs, Tonia 

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The Cat Community

The Purr View Cat Community brings together true cat parents and Enthusiasts to chat about cats, get latest updates, share cat photos and view the Purrks

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Find A Cat Sitter That Makes You Purr

This program will help you find a cat sitter and Get the Most from the one you already have. It's broken down into three easy steps and a downloadable workbook

Start Your Own Cat Sitting Business Today

The cat care industry is in need of cat sitters. True cat parents are looking for professional adults who love cats and enjoy providing excellent customer service - This could be for you! Find out what being a professional cat sitter is all about and start your new business today!

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