Start Your Own Cat Sitting Business Today

The cat care industry is in need of cat sitters! They're needed especially in the South Shore area and parts of South coast and including Carver, Middleboro, Taunton, Duxbury, Pembroke, Wareham. I personally receive requests for care from as far as Lexington, Needham and Framingham and Cape Cod as well. Now is the Purrfect time to start your business and begin taking care of cats. 

True cat parents are looking for Professional Cat Sitters (Not Hobbyists) who offer 'High Quality Cat Care Services' and 'Exceptional Customer Service' - and they're willing to pay for this service for the right providers.

They're looking for providers with the Purr View. 

Is a cat sitting business right for you?

1. First Session:   Is a Cat Sitting Business Right for You? 

  • What does a cat sitter do anyway?
  • Would your personality type  be successful at it?
  • What are the right Reasons for YOU to start a business
  • Pros and cons of cat sitting.
  • I answer FAQ questions about cat sitting
  • What are the 7 Pillars of the Purr View. 

how to set up a cat sitting buesiness

2. Session Two:  How to set up a business in your area: 

  • Where to get pet sitter liability insurance
  • How to create a pet sitter service contract
  • Is it essential to have a pet sitter app or not in order to manage your business
  • How to charge for your area and level of expertise
  • How this affect your taxes
  • How to research town bylaws, licensing, buisness certificates
  • How to set up your business as a business.
  • Where to promote your business when getting started
  • Car signage do's and donts. 

By the time you finish you should feel confident about moving ahead and taking that first step toward starting your new business. 

Registration is $59 and you have access to the cat community!

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Are You ready To Start Your Own Cat Sitting Business? Here's What the class is all about

Cats have staff! This is so true cat parents want the best care for their cat while they're away. 

Being a cat sitter is a lot like being a butler!

Session #1 Is Becoming a Cat Sitter Right for you?

Watch this video to explore cat sitting as a career

Session #2 How To Set Up A Cat Sitting Business

Watch This video to learn howe to Set Up Your Cat Sitting Business

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