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Purr View is a cat lover's purr-spective on cat care and the feline lifestyle where the cat is at the center of the home!

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The Purr View Cat Community brings together true cat parents and Enthusiasts, so that we can learn about in-home cat comfort and care services, tips & solutions, be entertained by fun feline lifestylestories, purr-use feline focused art and crafts and connect to vital resources in our directory. Stay connected, chat, ask questions, share cat pictures, and watch videos. 

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How To Find A Cat Sitter That Makes You Purr

My Purr-spective 

My purr-spective has developed over twenty-seven years of working as a professional cat sitter, cat bed & breakfast manager, a cat groomer in Kingston Massachusetts where I lives with my hubby and a bunch of cats! 

  • Dedicated to being a Professional Business with Insurance
  • Passionate about cats and educated on their care
  • Providing Comfort to cats by using techniques, tools and gentle handling
  • Committed to Bonding with cats when possible 
  • Attention to Detail for higher quality service
  • Listen to cat parents needs and instructions
  • Communicating Clearly, kindly and regularly with owners

Career Programs & Professional Training

My Experience

I have an A.S. in Animal Care and Management from Becker College and a BSSp in Communications and Public Relations from Emerson College in Boston. 

I started my career in Whitman Massachusetts in 1997, opening a cat boarding, grooming and retail shop exclusively for cats. I began learning special needs care techniques for my own cats, and then I began tending to more special needs and senior cats for my clients.

I enjoy providing palliative care, oral medications, sub-q fluids, insulin, special diets, transdermal meds along with pampering cats in the comfort of home.

I'm a proud member of a Pet Sitters Associates, a Professional Member of The Cat Writers Association,  Supporting Member of International Cat Grooming Institute, has written a cat care column and was an Events Columnist for the Pet Gazette, and was a contributing blogger for Nashville Paw Magazine’s The Cat’s Meow blog. 

I deliver enthusiastic presentations and videos on Cat Care and the Feline Lifestyle for cat parents and professionals. I am the creator of How To Find a Cat Sitter That Makes You Purr,  What's Your Purr-sonality Type,  Cat Grooming 101 - a workshop for cat parents, and Cat Nutrition Basics, among other topics. 

Media & Awards

Cat boarding media coverage


In 2016 we won First Place In News/Magazine NP for MAKING HOME MADE CAT FOOD in the North East Alliance For Community Media Film Festival (They're now called The Nor'Easter Awards)for a segment on Purr View TV Show  Watch The Episode Here

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