Blog Nor'Easter Weather Report 2/24

Nor'Easter Weather Report 2/24


New England Weather got you down in the dumps? Check out my weather report, today I went cat sitting from Kingston to Pinehills, check out the video, or Join the cat community and share a picture or update from your area. Its picking up thicker snow and more windy in Kingston MA this afternoon. Id love to know what its like in other places. 

This morning I wanted to get up and out to check on cats that needed medication. It was just raining this morning and a high of 35 degrees. Once I went to Plymouth Pine Hills It started to really snow, it was coming down thicker and was less visibility, and more acclamation of snow, plus the ground was more slippery to walk on. 

Here are some pictures from this morning: 

When I got Home it had turned back to rain, 

Now it is a few hours later in the afternoon, and the snow has gotten thicker in Kingston, 

Share what the snow storm is doing where you live. 

Join one of our Cat Communities, Why do I have TWO Cat Communities?

As it stands Ive been using Mighty Networks for over two years now, and I love it its an awesome platform that people love using, and so do I. This website I have my main website on has a community feature they are about to launch any day now and I want to see if I can build my cat community here right on my website. Many people have said its confusing to go to my website and then another location for my community. Yet there is a ton of activity in the Mighty Network community and people really love it and its easy to use. There are pros and cons of each platform. The Mighty Network lets me GO LIVE and it makes it very easy to do so. 

So for now, I have both. The main one is still on Mighty Networks at and its free to join and I go LIVE from within that site and they have an app called Mighty networks and you can search for Purr View to locate my community.

The one inside this website and one on the Mighty Network Here are links for both are free to join. 

On This Website: Click Here 

On mighty Networks: Click Here 

You can also join the community here on this website: Join Here. Everyone from the Other community has been added here as well. If you are already a member of Mighty Community you can use your email to log in its your username and password. 

Either one you like right now is fine by me, as the website I am using hasn't yet made their new feature available I cant explore it yet anyway. I do try and upload the same content to each site. 


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