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Step 1-How To Find A Cat Sitter That Makes You Purr Online Class Start Here

A cat sitter wants to bring peace of mind to their clients, but how can they if they don't understand your number one need. Once they know what it is, they can deliver a purrfect experience for you and your cats. Most cat parents have one of only three needs and by the time you finish this video you will know for sure what yours is. Β This is the first video in the Series: How To Find A Cat Sitter That Makes You Purr

Step 2 - What's The Best Type of Visit For My Cat?

Best video to figure out what type of service your cat needs: Standard Visit, Multi-Cat, VIP/Special Needs, Extra Visits etc This is the second video in the Series: How To Find A Cat Sitter That Makes You Purr

Harvest Seed & Supply Feeding Backyard Birds

What is a brand of bird food that you like feeding to yiur backyard birds? I have enjoyed using Harvest Seed

My Favorite Cat Products: Alnutrin (For Homemade Cat Food)

Alnutrin is a supplement that you add to your homemade cat food.

Do you feed The Birds? Here's their Favorite Seeds

Awesome video explaining what types of bird seed, backyard birds actually like.

Farewell PJ -We Love You and Will Miss YouπŸ’•πŸŒΈπŸˆβ€

Yesterday I had a going away party for PJ. We enjoyed some food and did a fun cat craft. She will be going home with her family sometime next week and web will truly miss her.

How To use A CatMate Feeder With a Cat Sitter

Learn how to use this feeder with your cats. We walk you through the set up and benefits

Sticking To A Feeding Schedule that works for you and your cats

Ever feel like your cats want to design their very own feeding schedule? It could look very random or even be scheduled at the weirdest hours of the day - and night. Coming up with a schedule that you can live with and that works for the cats can seem a little daunting especially if you spend most of your time at home.Β  When you're at home, the cats are more apt to sequester you to the kitchen whenever they are even the slightest hungry. During the covid-19 quarantine, my cats were thrilled to ...

Ep 12 'Making Homemade Cat Food' 2015

Meet Peg, a cat momma from Plymouth, Massachusetts. After spending about spend $7 a day feeding her three cats decided to look into an alternative way to feed high quality cat food, while also saving money


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