Blog Searching for Cat Inspiration at The Dog Chapel in St Johnsbury VT! (Recording)

Searching for Cat Inspiration at The Dog Chapel in St Johnsbury VT! (Recording)


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I love visiting creative places, and the Dog Chapel on Dog Mountain, in Saint Johnsbury, Vermont, certainly is a creative and special places - even a cat person can find something to love here. And that's what I intended to do... Find as many feline inspirations as I could.

Dog Mountain was the home and studio of Stephen Huneck, an artist and dog lover. I was drawn to Stephen Huneck's style of art -it's colorful, whimsy and I love the soft waves that appear in a lot of his most famous designs.  

Although he was known for paining and using wood to capture all kinds of animals, he was clearly most inspired by dogs. 

We visited the chapel first. It was larger than I expected, and he didn't overlook any details either, the ceiling is painted blue ombre like the sky. There's stained glass like in any old style church, and there are pews for visiting a little while. It is a nice quiet place to sit with your thoughts and have permission to remember your lost pets in private.  People from all over the world have done just that.

The chapel walls are thickly lined with memorial notes and pictures of people's pets who have passed on over the Rainbow Bridge. The letters people share are thicker than wallpaper and are very emotional to read. 

Dustin was on the look out for any cat memorials, and we found a few. I warn you though, they are so emotional to read. 

There are stained glass windows and each is dedicated to the attributes of man's best friend, One is Joy, another is Friend, another is Faith.

The pews are comfy and end with an almost full-size carving of a different breed of dog. 

Dustin got nice and comfy.

Inside The Gift Shop

Inside the gift shop, which helps support the organization, there are a variety of prints and pieces of art, along with gift ideas like cards, t-shirts, candles, door mats etc. But I continued to look for splashes of cats...and I found a few more.

My favorite is the angel cat, and the cats with the dogs. They seem very happy and content..which really epitomizes the whole place. I told the lady is this was a cat focused chapel, it would be very quiet here as cats nap from 10-4:30 LOL!

If you'd like to learn more about Dog Mountain and do your own search for feline treasures,  you can find out about their non-profit organization, and also search for great items on their website:



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