Blog Unboxing Catnip Seed Kit

Unboxing Catnip Seed Kit


I want to thank everyone who supported me in April And may with the Catnip Seed Kit and bulb fundraiser, the funds I received helped me purchase the new web camera. In this video I unbox the catnip seed kit that I purchased and shared some news. 

I shared information about the new website located at - You can purchase a paid full membership and use the coupon code PURR50. There is a free Community Curious level, and each level will have access to the mighty network. At some point I will be combining everything into the main website, but at this time Mighty Network makes it easy for me to go live so until I can figure out how to do that easily on my main website this is the location for the Live Videos. 

The different between the two membership levels on the main website is that the Full Pass level has access to all the classes. 

The basic level starts with access to Purr View TV Show videos, The Purrks, and the directory. You also have a profile and photo albums available. Cat community members are hidden and private from the public, and hidden from Business directory members. 

Also, I am about to launch a new workshop. STARTING YOUR CAT SITTING BUSINESS. If you or anyone you may know is interested, I will offer a free intro video soon, and then the workshop will be held on the mighty network in a private paid class Space. 

**PS This video had some technical issues, Dustin will see if he can fix the problems and I will upload a new file ASAP. 

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