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What's Your Purr-sonality Type


Do you know your personality type? 

If so, then do you know how it relates to you as a cat parent? 

I've created a Bonus video in the cat community called, What's Your Purr-tonality Type, and How does it affect your cat. Its available to all member levels in the cat community under Classes. 

Everyones that's watched it has told me that it was "Very Cool" and Immediately figured out which one they were. One of my clients said "I am totally a Sanguine, and I never realized it but that IS how I am with my cats, so fun!" 

In the class you'll explore the characteristics of cat lovers. A study that tried to differentiate dog people from cat people - we share what they found.

  • You'll find your temperament type and learn how it relates to your cats.
  • You'll get purr-sonalized insights for enhancing your cats life based on your type.
  • Did you know that there are two types of cat parents within the pet industry? 
    • Learn which one are you?

When we have insight into our purr-sodalities, we can begin to see how we can make improvements and celebrate who we are. After all, our cats see us truly for who we are. They see our blind self, and they love us no matter what.

Join the cat community and share your type with the group:

Purrs, Tonia 

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