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Cat Trivia Night - Meow 2023 Replay

Watch The Cat trivia Night that premiered in September in the Cat Community.

Join me Today in the Studio 2/16 @1:15

Join me later today at 1::15 PM where I will be interviewing a mystery guest on her houseplants and cats in The Studio Online: #tv

Let's Get Growing A Cat Safe Indoor Garden

New Series starting in The Cat Community. Visit each month to learn about a cat safe plant or flowering plant that is a good addition to any cat home

How to Purr and Its Comforting Benefits

Learn how to make the purring sound and comfort your cat. This technique helps you care for your cat, bond deeper and you'' learn how to comfort you and your cat.

John Hays Hammond Owned A Castle with Cats

We couldn't find any cats around the Hammond Castle but we did hear all about them.

Unboxing Catnip Seed Kit

I want to thank everyone who supported me in April And may with the Catnip Seed Kit and bulb fundraiser, the funds I received helped me purchase the new web camera. In this video I unbox the catnip seed kit that I purchased and shared some news.  I shared information about the new website located at - You can purchase a paid full membership and use the coupon code PURR50. There is a free Community Curious level, and each level will have access to the mighty network. At ...

Wreck The Halls Book Review (Video Replay)

Book review Video:I have a fun book to share with you all called Wreck The Halls, by Linda Wright. She is an author and has her own publishing company in Oregon, where her focus is on cats. She has a holiday book called Wreck the Halls that shares funny stories of cats and Christmas. 

How To use A CatMate Feeder With a Cat Sitter

Learn how to use this feeder with your cats. We walk you through the set up and benefits

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DIY Cat Christmas Memory Tree

Feline Aficionada Tonia Fleming Shares How She Decorates Her Cat Christmas 'Memory' Tree and Offers Tips on Creating One of your Own. Learn How to choose the best tree, the ideal ornaments and Lights that work for a table top tree. She also shares what information to write on the ornaments to remember the cats in your life for years to come.

What's Tools are in My Cat HipSack?

Watch this video to see what items I take with me cat sitting!

Cats In The Rotunda

Feline Aficionada Tonia Evans visited an all cat art exhibit at the Rockland Memorial Library, and interviewed Toby Lynne Schwarts about her piece called Feline Fiesta.

How To Decide on Cat Sitting or Boarding?

What are the options when choosing between cat sitting or boarding for your cat?

Ep 8 - CATS the Musical @Star Players of Bristol County 2014

Sneak peek into the world of Andrew Lloyd Weber's CATS

Ep 12 'Making Homemade Cat Food' 2015

Meet Peg, a cat momma from Plymouth, Massachusetts. After spending about spend $7 a day feeding her three cats decided to look into an alternative way to feed high quality cat food, while also saving money

Purr View TV Show: 002 - Cat Expose Full Episode 2012

Cat Expose' a segment of the upcoming episode of Purr View TV Show is uploaded to  in search of the Feline Lifestyle at the 2012 Amazing Pet Expo in Wilmington MA.


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