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Find a Cat Sitter That makes You Purr Video Series


Are  you wondering why i'm offering a class on how to find a cat sitter when I myself am a cat sitter?  Its a good question with a good answer. I care a lot about cats and I want everyone to have a cat sitter just like me.

I'm not able always available to take on new clients as i have been in the past. My goal is to train a new generation to take care of cats and build their businesses this year. I also want cat parents to know what to expect in regards to the care their cats and their homes are receiving. Ive learned what cat parents are looking for and created The Purr View program. 

I have so many clients right now that i have a waiting list for some jobs that require a lot of detailed care  or are a little outside my area of service at this time.

I am training a few new cat sitters to work for my business that will know how to offer the purview. You can always ask me if we have a sitter that could work for yiur situation. 

However the main reason I decided to offer this class is because i've had people ask me to be a cat sitter from as far away as connecticut locations, down in cape cod, the north shore, boston and even out in the framingham area, and people ask me to help them locate somwone like me. 

They tell me "Ive seen your website and I want ALL of that for my cat! “ or they say" Ive you dont know how great it is to find a person whose an adult and takes this seriously" 

One thing for sure.. Cat parents are looking for a professional service and somthing special for them and their cats

If I cant do the job I want to refer someone who has similar priorities. lf you live outside of kingstom Massachusetts and you're looking for a professional cat sitter this class will help you figure out exactly how to find someone in your area that would meet your needs

This class has three videos that are about 10 minutes each. It will help you:

Identify HOW TO GET THE BEST EXPERIENCE FROM A CAT SITTER by helping you determine your number one need for a sitter so yiu can have the best experience. 

The second video will help you know what type of services are best, either a standard visit, multi-cat, VIP or special needs visit. And will help you learn what to expect from a cat sitting visit. 

The last video shares the best way to research and interview cat sitters so you find someone who can meet your needs and your cats ideal service type. 

This program is offered as a complete class in HOW TO FIND A CAT SITTER THAT MAKES YOU PURR, and each video is offered individually. 



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