Blog Step 2 - What's The Best Type of Visit For My Cat?

Step 2 - What's The Best Type of Visit For My Cat?


This is a class from the Series: How Find A Cat Sitter That Makes You Purr. 

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Here are a few things to consider when formulating your ideal visit type: 

  • Your Cat's Purrsonality 
  • Age 
  • Diet & Routine 
  • How Many Days are you Going away
  • Special Needs Care 
  • Add-on Tasks and Services 
  • Your #1 Need

We share a chart of service types outlining the average time spent, and tasks involved so you can see a general idea of how understand what each service type might offer. (This will depend on your cat sitter)

When you watch this video you will have a clear idea of what your cat really needs from a professional cat sitter.



Some cat sitters offer a pop-in visit. This type of visit is just to put food down and make sure the cat is alive. I don't offer these in my business because I feel that it's not providing good care or service as a professional. Therefore I don't cover them in this course. But they are usually about 15 minute visits. In my opinion, you don't need a professional to do this type of service and most people who want this type of service is look for a high school kid or neighbor to help them out. 

For a professional, there are three main tasks that should be provided during a quality cat sitting visit.


When it comes to figuring out what the best cat sitting service type is needed for your cat it helps to start with figuring out a few Factors. 

Here are a few things to consider when formulating your ideal visit type: 

  • Your Cat's Purrsonality 
  • Age 
  • Diet & Routine 
  • How Many Days are you Going away
  • Special Needs Care 
  • Add-on Tasks and Services 
  • Your #1 Need


I have created a Cat Sitting Services Chart to give you a little help in formulating what would be the best visit to request. This is just a guide, this isnt set in stone, its something to help you figure out all the factors and make sense of the details to consider. 

Refer back to this chart, as you go through the class, and watch the video. It will begin to make more sense to you as I explore each of these topics. 

I recommend printing the Cat Sitting Chart and circling the factors that relate to your cat. That way you can see what's the closest visit type.


Cats have a wide variety of purrsonality characteristics, We can't certainly limit them to 4, I am using four types based on their energy levels, needs for a sitter, and how they respond to a visitor. On the Cat Sitter Guide you can see their purr-sonality types listed across the top. We will go through each type, and hear more about their characteristics so you can find your cats and where they would fit. 

  Friendly & Chatty

Quiet & Easy Going

  Cranky Cat

Special Needs

Factor in your #1 Need

Defining Your Number One Need

In order to truly determining your cat's ideal service you will need to understand your number one need for a cat sitter. Please consider taking my class Defining Your #1 Need for a Cat Sitter online class. There are three main needs that cat parents have when they go away and need a cat sitter, and you may be very surprised at which one is yours. Without going through the class you won't really know the details involved in each one.


By now you have learned all about the different types of cat sitting visits available from professional sitters, and you've learned a lot about your cat's personality and their needs that go into a service visit. By using the helpful Cat Sitter Guide you can begin to formulate the best type of service. Although this isnt a rigid chart, its just to help you factor in all the details, so you and you cat sitter can make the best choice. But what if you still need help figuring this out? Lets look at two of the examples below, for clarification. 

Example #1

In the example below, we have a friendly and chatty, that gets lonely faster than the average cat, she has a basic daily routine, and no special needs care. The client is going away for over five days and they dont have any add-on services that require additional time. In this example I suggest that the kitty receives one or two standard visits a day. This would depend on their need for socialization.

Example #2

Finally, do you need detailed precise care? It's ok to need more detailed services. Let your cat sitter know that you would like them to do this in a particular way or take care of a lot of tasks that need to be completed in a certain way. if they are the temperament type that can do detailed care and add little more time to the visit to complete them they would be happy to do that for your I am sure.

As you can see the cat sitters chart is a helpful guide to factor in all the details, so you and your sitter can select the ideal sitting service for your cat! 




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