Collecting Cat Coins? -It's Possible

Start a cat coin collection and check out these fun coins.

Catio Spaces has Purrfect Options for Cat Safe Spaces

Check out these fun catio ideas from catio spaces.

Cute Cat Hand Towel - What a Sweet Gift

One of my clients gave me this adorable cat hand towel as a gift! Its as cute in person as the picture and they come in a variety of cat breeds.

Homeopathy Course For Cats

Have you ever wanted to learn some homeopathy techniques for your cat? Check out this course online and see if it's right for you!

Do you feed The Birds? Here's their Favorite Seeds

Awesome video explaining what types of bird seed, backyard birds actually like.

DIY Reverse Cat Applique on a Hoodie

Explore this reverse appliqué cat themed hoodie project. You just need some fun cat fabric and a hoodie you don't mind changing the look of .

Scoping Out Fun Cat Items at The Plymouth General Store

Have you visited the new Plymouth General store? It's quite a fun experience, and they do have a few cat items. plus yummy sandwiches...and coffee etc

John Hays Hammond Owned A Castle with Cats

We couldn't find any cats around the Hammond Castle but we did hear all about them.

The Happiest Cat Cake You Might Ever Seen?

Everyone will want this cake!

Unboxing Catnip Seed Kit

I want to thank everyone who supported me in April And may with the Catnip Seed Kit and bulb fundraiser, the funds I received helped me purchase the new web camera. In this video I unbox the catnip seed kit that I purchased and shared some news.  I shared information about the new website located at - You can purchase a paid full membership and use the coupon code PURR50. There is a free Community Curious level, and each level will have access to the mighty network. At ...

Hazel and I showing off my New Pink Hoodie!

check out my new zippered hoodies.

Felted Cat Coasters

Check out these adorable Felted cat coasters they were on website, but I bet some of you could make these.

Cat Diamond Painting

She made it so the cat is sparkly but the beads behind the cat are muted down so the cat stands out like three day it's so pretty i love all the pink i love love love it

Tonia going live Thinking About AI Technology and Cats a Rant(Recording)

I was talking with my accountant today about AI technology and how it will replace a lot of jobs. I was wondering if int could replace cat sitters. Here is my rant and thoughts about AI Technology and just my initial thoughts as I began to think about it. I don't believe True Cat Parents will have peace of mind leaving their cats with a robot. Here's some reasons why...Yes I was driving and ranting.LOL #toniascatsitting

Update from PJ She is Now Home

Update on PJ from Her Mom Pj is doing really well. She is with her mom when she goes to bed at night and first thing in morning. What a sweet girl here are some pictures  PJ is just one of the prettiest and sweetest cats Ive ever know. It was such a blessing to care for her while she was having kittens and to go through that whole process with her.  I am really missing my friend PJ today Its been about a month and PJ is back in her happy home. Can't help but miss her tho. She was ...

Truly A Cat House!

You have to watch this amazing video of what this guy did for his cats inside his house. Its so beautiful and creative

Farewell PJ -We Love You and Will Miss You💕🌸🐈‍

Yesterday I had a going away party for PJ. We enjoyed some food and did a fun cat craft. She will be going home with her family sometime next week and web will truly miss her.

Wreck The Halls Book Review (Video Replay)

Book review Video:I have a fun book to share with you all called Wreck The Halls, by Linda Wright. She is an author and has her own publishing company in Oregon, where her focus is on cats. She has a holiday book called Wreck the Halls that shares funny stories of cats and Christmas. 

How To use A CatMate Feeder With a Cat Sitter

Learn how to use this feeder with your cats. We walk you through the set up and benefits

Favorite Cat Relaxation Music

Consider this a quick link to a 10 hour relaxing cat music with light purring


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