Beautiful Bright Pink Cat Wreath

Check out this beautiful wreath, I think this would make a fun DIY project or easily order online at ETSY. #diyprojects

Needle Felted Kitten Craft

Would you ever try making these DIY felted cat crafts. The kit is on ETSY with all the supplies but no instructions.

The Pussums Cat Company, is celebrating its 40th anniversary in “fur-tastic” fashion by creating the unofficial world’s largest catnip kicker

The paw-dropping catnip toy stands at an impressive 72 inches tall with a 50-inch circumference and holds 35 pounds of “Dr. Pussums Fancy Feline Elixir Pure Catnip” inside.

Extra Long Video of Sleep Music for Cats! Help Your Cat Sleep With 8 Hours of Relaxing Music

I love using cat relaxation and cat anxiety music from youtube. Here is another one you guys may enjoy.

Sticking To A Feeding Schedule that works for you and your cats

Ever feel like your cats want to design their very own feeding schedule? It could look very random or even be scheduled at the weirdest hours of the day - and night. Coming up with a schedule that you can live with and that works for the cats can seem a little daunting especially if you spend most of your time at home.  When you're at home, the cats are more apt to sequester you to the kitchen whenever they are even the slightest hungry. During the covid-19 quarantine, my cats were thrilled to ...

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DIY Cat Christmas Memory Tree

Feline Aficionada Tonia Fleming Shares How She Decorates Her Cat Christmas 'Memory' Tree and Offers Tips on Creating One of your Own. Learn How to choose the best tree, the ideal ornaments and Lights that work for a table top tree. She also shares what information to write on the ornaments to remember the cats in your life for years to come.

Searching for Cat Inspiration at The Dog Chapel in St Johnsbury VT! (Recording)

I love visiting creative places, and the Dog Chapel on Dog Mountain, in Saint Johnsbury, Vermont, certainly is a creative and special places - even a cat person can find something to love here. And that's what I intended to do... Find as many feline inspirations as I could.

What's Tools are in My Cat HipSack?

Watch this video to see what items I take with me cat sitting!

Christmas 2020 Compilation Video and Christmas Greetings from The Flemings

Watch a compilation of Christmas cat videos in this video here. What a fun time watching everyones cats 

Exploring Edward Goery's Love of Cats

At The Edward Gorey House, you'll find photographs that capture the epitome of the feline lifestyle for the artist. There was one photograph that shows him sitting on the couch with cats lounging all over him and that just about sums up what life is like with cats.

Cats In The Rotunda

Feline Aficionada Tonia Evans visited an all cat art exhibit at the Rockland Memorial Library, and interviewed Toby Lynne Schwarts about her piece called Feline Fiesta.

How To Decide on Cat Sitting or Boarding?

What are the options when choosing between cat sitting or boarding for your cat?

Ep 8 - CATS the Musical @Star Players of Bristol County 2014

Sneak peek into the world of Andrew Lloyd Weber's CATS

Ep 12 'Making Homemade Cat Food' 2015

Meet Peg, a cat momma from Plymouth, Massachusetts. After spending about spend $7 a day feeding her three cats decided to look into an alternative way to feed high quality cat food, while also saving money

Aerokat Inhaler 2015

In this video, my friend is showing how she uses the Aerokat Inhaler

Purr View TV Show: 002 - Cat Expose Full Episode 2012

Cat Expose' a segment of the upcoming episode of Purr View TV Show is uploaded to  in search of the Feline Lifestyle at the 2012 Amazing Pet Expo in Wilmington MA.


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